Ifesinachi plaza omogba phase 2, Onitisha , Anambara state

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 9AM - 5PM

[vc_heading heading_text=”Frequently Asked Questions” heading_wrapper=”h1″ heading_color=”{“solid“:{“id“:“custom_1334459184315555“,“color“:“rgba(255,255,255,1)“}}” heading_typography=”{“font_size“:“40px“}” responsiveness=”yes” tablet_portrait=”90″ mobile_landscape=”80″ mobile_portrait=”70″ css_animation=””][vc_text_element typography=”{“font_size“:“16px“}” css_animation=”” color=”{“id“:“Light background“,“color“:“#f7f8fd“}”]Here’s a few answers to our most common questions.[/vc_text_element]
[vc_image_element image=”9558″ size_type=”fixed” alignment=”left” preloader=”” css_animation=”” size_fixed=”35×36″][vc_expandable_list style=”border” skin=”light” css_animation=””][vc_expandable_list_item title=”What is unique about LightEd products?”][vc_text_element disable_margin=”yes” css_animation=””]Our systems are specifically designed to serve dual purposes, charging via two sources; Grid and Solar panels. The durability of the products and their efficiency are excellent. The Plus system has an automatic change over system that ensure zero-power losses in case of power outage.[/vc_text_element][/vc_expandable_list_item][vc_expandable_list_item title=”How can I get the LightEd product?”][vc_text_element disable_margin=”yes” css_animation=””]Our products can be gotten from our LightEd agents at designated locations around you. You can place an order directly from the company if there are no agents around you.[/vc_text_element][/vc_expandable_list_item][vc_expandable_list_item title=”How can one participate in the impact projects?”][vc_text_element disable_margin=”yes” css_animation=””]One can participate in our impact project by contacting us to get started. You can also participate by volunteering or donating to support our mission.[/vc_text_element][/vc_expandable_list_item][vc_expandable_list_item title=”How many hours can the products last?”][vc_text_element disable_margin=”yes” css_animation=””]LightEd Plus and Pico systems can conveniently run for over 5 hours dependent on usage. Usage directions are stated in the user manual. Product information can also be found here[/vc_text_element][/vc_expandable_list_item][vc_expandable_list_item title=”Are the products environmentally friendly?”][vc_text_element disable_margin=”yes” css_animation=””]In our bid to continuously advocate for a healthier planet and fight climate change, our products create no form of pollution, from being noiseless to no emission at all. This ensures convenience during usage.[/vc_text_element][/vc_expandable_list_item][vc_expandable_list_item title=”Can I install the systems by myself?” tab_id=”1673342828231-5-8″][vc_text_element disable_margin=”yes” css_animation=””]Only authorized and or skilled personnel are advised to install to avoid complications and or personal injuries during the course of installation.[/vc_text_element][/vc_expandable_list_item][/vc_expandable_list][vc_image_element image=”9558″ size_type=”fixed” alignment=”right” preloader=”” css_animation=”” size_fixed=”35×36″]