Ifesinachi plaza omogba phase 2, Onitisha , Anambara state

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 9AM - 5PM

About Us

Our Purpose

To create renewing experiences that unite all
communities for a sustainable future.

Our Mission

To build clean technology solutions that empower Africans to live sustainably by harnessing renewable energy and waste management

Our Vision

To Empower 5 Million+ Africans to live sustainable by 2035

Our Values


We challenge ourselves with radical ideas.


We don't follow trends; we set them, blazing a trail towards a brighter, more sustainable world.


We don't just connect wires; we connect hearts, creating a global family of eco-champions.


We care about everything staying alive and thriving in the future, including us.


We don't just light up homes; we light up lives.


We redefine the energy game with unique solutions that move ahead of our time.

Our Team

Introducing Our Super Squad of Climate Action Heroes and SDG Advocates!

At LightEd, we’ve brought together a team of remarkable individuals who are passionate about creating renewing experiences. Our circular space is a hub for influential ideas, challenges, and impact.

CEO & founder

CTO & Co-founder


We Juggle SDGs Like Pros

The LightEd team thrives on challenges, but summarizing our contribution to 8 SDGs in just a few lines? Now that’s a tough task! We don’t want to come across as unfocused (trust us, it’s not our style!), so here’s the shorter version. For the juicy details, just reach out to us. 

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