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Innovating For Marginalized Communities

Countless Nigerians struggle with electricity challenges daily.

 From candles and kerosene lamps with intriguing names like “Shakabula” to the frustration of watching neighbors’ houses light up while yours remains in darkness. There are rural communities completely disconnected from national grids, refugee camps in darkness as the sun sets, schools with no power, and students burning midnight candles while their health suffers. 

Those are the people we are doing this for.

We run programs for change

LightEd Kids

We are Shaping The Next Generation of Problem-Solvers!

Through this project, LightEd creates innovation labs and hands-on training that equip students with the knowledge and experience to transform electronic and plastic waste into ingenious solutions for global challenges. By joining forces with schools and NGOs, we amplify our impact and empower young minds to drive positive change. At LightEd, we are not simply energy providers; we are pathfinders, illuminating the way to endless possibilities through the power of education.

LightEd Peace

We are Championing Refugee Rights and A Brighter Future For All!

In our unwavering commitment to empowering underserved and low-income communities, LightEd Peace Project provides access to renewable energy solutions. Our solar charging stations and lamps have made a difference in the lives of refugees across IDP camps in Nigeria, illuminating their paths and enhancing their productivity. We firmly believe that electricity is the catalyst for magic, and no individual should be deprived of this essential power.