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Sustainable Solutions for Eliminating Energy Poverty

Turning Waste Into A Resource For Brighter Futures

Our Guiding Statistics

Nearly 600 Million Africans Experience Energy Poverty

For these individuals and communities, access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity is a distant dream

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Africa Serves 1.3 Billion People with 244GW Electricity

Yet, It Has an Unlimited Potential of Solar Capacity according to the African Development Bank

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Nigeria Generates 1.1 Million Tonnes of E-Waste Every Year

And a staggering 88% of plastic waste generated in the country goes unrecycled.

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Empowering Communities

One Plastic Bottle and Circuit Board at a Time

If you’ve been captivated by the statistics above, this is where everything comes together nicely. At LightEd, we see not only interconnected problems but also interconnected solutions. That is why we are powering access to brighter lives through accessible and innovative renewable energy solutions made of recycled e-waste and plastic waste.

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” LightEd is a renewable energy company that focuses on using waste material to build renewable energy solutions that can light up homes and families in rural and some urban communities ” – Founder

Innovating For Marginalized Communities

While some race toward space, many struggle to light their homes and businesses. Refugees. Students. Rural Communities. Those are the people we are doing this for.

Our Vision

To Empower 5 Million+ Africans to Live Sustainably by 2035

With a focus on harnessing renewable energy and waste management for sustainable future and circular economy.

They Believe In Us

Press, Partnership and Support

Our mission is recognized and supported by these top organisations and more.